January is the Wednesday of Winter Says Dixie Redmond

 No, I'm not canning dollies. 

Are you tired of winter yet? 

Uh, huh.  Me, too.  

I was thinking today that "January is the Wednesday of Winter."   And the songwriter in me likes the alliteration of Wednesday of Winter.  So when it starts making a viral wave on Twitter you'll know who coined the phrase.  But probably someone else has said this.  I haven't searched or anything.
See where the stockinette butts together.  Use very sharp small scissors to cut along the contour of the head.  Do NOT overlap the stockinette.  I've already made that mistake.  After the glue dries I will put a little bit of paperclay over the seams and then I will gesso the head and shoulders area a couple of times before painting. 

Putting stockinette over sculpts is a great pastime in January.  It's a zen-like process that require you to be totally in the moment. 

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John Wooden