Seth Godin Makes Me Think

Saying Seth Godin is smart is like saying a zebra has stripes.   Or an elephant is big.   But lots of people in this world are smart.  Not all of them make me think.   Now, when I want to know about something, I check to see if Seth has written about it, because he often has a viewpoint I haven't considered.  I am looking for a site to manage my email list so that people can opt in or out easily without needing to contact me.  I believe in permission marketing.  

So I searched Seth Godin and email management and found this  handy email checklist.  Seth understands the power of email.  Anyone who has sent an unfortunate "reply to all" comment will appreciate this.  It's the kind of thing you should think of  before you send an email.    I recognize that I have violated a few of his suggestions.  ;-)  


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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden