4 Points BBQ in Winterport, Maine

I read about Four Points BBQ on someone's Facebook page and was intrigued.  I've been a "cellar dweller" lately, working hard to finish some things on hand.   But today I took a little break and traveled to the next town over to get some take-out at a new restaurant called 4 Points BBQ in Winterport, Maine.   And I took my camera because I am that geeky.

I come from a family of excellent cooks - my mom being the first and my sister and brothers following along.   Not only that, but coming from Georgia BBQ is part of our family culinary history.   My mom makes the best chicken ever, and my sister is a master at ribs.   I have no skills in this arena and don't need them because they are so good.  So the bar is set pretty high.

4 Points BBQ is located right in the middle of the town of Winterport, Maine.  When I got out of the car the aroma of BBQ wafted across the street.  As I was going in they have a sign with their hours - "10:30 a.m. until sold out". 


When I got inside it was unclear to me what to do to place my take-out order...should I go to the counter?  Should I flag down a waitress?   There wasn't a clear spot.  

The decor of the restaurant is very low-key 
and down home with 5 picnic tables inside.  Fun.

Have no idea who the guy in blue is...

The smell of the cooking food was so awesome.  So I flagged down a waitress on her way to the drinks machine and asked where I should place a take-out order.   Since I didn't really know what was what it was hard to decide.   I decided to get two dinners with two different kinds of meat with cole slaw and beans, and a half-rack of ribs.  Then I waited for my order near a cute older couple chowing down a BBQ sandwich and a half rack of ribs.  

While I was waiting I asked the older couple what they thought.   The lady smiled and said it was "very good."  The man didn't stop eating for a couple of minutes (a good sign?) and then said, "As good as any ribs I've had."  

My name was called and I was handed a bag with my food in styrofoam containers.   I turned to leave and saw this: 

I ran to my van and started on my way.    But it was too hard to see to drive in so I pulled over on the side of the road.  Finally I was able to drive home and my hubby and I sat down to eat.  The BBQ beans were outstanding and so was the coleslaw.  The meat was very good but I didn't know that I needed to order sauce separately. So we had the meat sauceless.  I dipped mine in the delicious beans. 

Four Points website isn't up and running yet, but they do have a Facebook page.  In case you want to try it out, here's their menu for ordering ahead.  Click the menus to enlarge -these are my rain-soaked copies that I scanned, not the restaurant's

I think I'll go again and eat in the restaurant next time.  I'll bring along some of my carnivorous family members who are good cooks and we can have a taste test.  In fact, that would be a good thing for the restaurant to do - have a little sampler available......uh-oh, the Roving Consultant has engaged.  I better sign off. 



JDConwell said...

You're killin' me here, Dixie. Guess it's time for breakfast now.

Dixie Redmond said...

BBQ for breakfast is the BEST. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL, sorry Dixie, but that was really funny, "and saw this!!!"

Looks like a very interesting place and so relaxed, nice.

Anonymous said...
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Dixie Redmond said...

Someone left an anonymous comment, which I deleted. If you are going to post a review of the restaurant in the comments, please use your name to add comments, associated with a blog. Thanks!

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