Vintage Cloth Dolls Giveaway



THANKS to all who participated, this giveaway is now closed.

 For a while, I was drawn to mid-century vintage cloth dolls because the fabrics reminded me of a quilt that my granny made from flour sacks.    I collected a lot of inspiration.  But I can't keep everything I've collected and still have room for new projects.  So I'm cleaning out.   BOTH of these dolls are being given away.    They are both vintage dolls with some 40's or 50's charm.  They deserve to sit on a nice chair in a funky decor somewhere.   So this may be your lucky day.  They really are cute and would be sweet additions to your vintage styled decor.

This vintage doll with the I Love Lucy lips measures about 18" tall.  She is stuffed with cotton, not hard stuffed.  She has a few spots that testify to her "vintage-ness".   Sweet smelling.

This big girl is 30" tall.  I'm guessing this girl was made in the 40's to 50's.   She's what Ike Putney calls "mother-made" dolls.  She is a large cloth doll made from an old muslin sugar sack, with an embroidered face, not hard stuffed.  She's floppy and her head nods.  She has some fraying at her nubby "fingertips" and the  stains here or there.  She has a spot or two that needs mending - note left side of picture there is a seam pop.  She's old, but is clean smelling to me and she has a lot of charm. 


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