Artists with Imagin8ion - Cart Before the Horse Creations in Short Film with Ron Howard

A few years ago, when I first started dollmaking, a great group of artists led by Teresa Baker took me in when I knocked at the door of their group, interested in learning.  Jo James of Cart Before the Horse) was in the group.  Jo's work is featured in the short film above.....You can see their work at 1:18 and 2:26 in the video above....and YES, that's Ron Howard and watch the video to find out more.  

In 2006, I used to look forward to Sunday nights when Cart Before the Horse unveiled a cast of characters  - Jo deserves any recognition she gets. I'm proud to own a few of her creations.  Visit Jo's blog to see more of Jo's work.



Denise Aumick said...

Wow. Just wow. Cart Before the Horse has always produced work that is amazingly creative - not to mention skilled. They deserve this recognition and more. Wow.

JDConwell said...

I discovered them when I first opened on Etsy, and was/still am amazed by their work.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden