Izannah Walker Article
in Early American Life's
Christmas Issue

Photo, Early American Life Christmas 2011 Issue

Last January, my friend Edyth O'Neill and I started writing an article about Izannah Walker dolls for Early American Life.  It will be published in the Christmas issue.   

This is a long-held goal - to write an article about Izannah Walker dolls.  Writing with a partner who is hundreds (thousands?) of miles away was a hoot!  At first we emailed ideas and fragments of the article back and forth, but then my younger son taught us how to use Google Documents to write in a shared file.   Much easier!  Back and forth we went.  Writing with another person requires a level of trust and love.  Writing with Edyth was a joy.  Edyth has a natural and flowing writing style which I've enjoyed in her book Rugs for My Red Cape.   She has a few of those left to sell from her site.  A beautiful book. 

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JDConwell said...

That photograph makes me homesick for a place I've never been.

Congratulations on your article. Now I'm off to subscribe so I can read it, AND enjoy the magazine.

McNally School said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to read the article. I love that so many new people will be learning about Izannah Walker through this article.

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John Wooden