Day 10: Using Space in Studios

This room wasn't planned, it evolved over time.  I know I'm lucky to have it, and I'm thankful. But truth be told it's not set up well for what I do.  I want to rearrange it.

When we first moved into this house I wasn't selling artwork.   I was selling small antiques on Ebay.  So we set up the bookshelves and plunked our old dining room table in this space when we moved in.  But then I decided I wanted to sell something that was "repeatable" rather than dragging home tables of mostly junk for one nice item.  It made sense to make that myself.  That's how Northdixie Designs got started. 

It's time to re-evaluate the use of space in this room.  Sometimes magazines have useful information I want to keep.   I especially like to keep Early American Life and Art and Antiques and those studios magazines. But it doesn't make any sense to use my sewing and painting areas to store magazines in prime creativity real estate.   I will think about how I want to use the space and do a to scale floor plan.  

Time to pull out the studio magazines for ideas, hmmmmm?


JDConwell said...

It's funny how time, and the changes it brings, can shift how you need to set things up. I spent three days making changes in the use of my studio space, armed with the knowledge of what I need right at hand and what can go on a shelf or in a cabinet. The room has to work for sewing, sculpting, and painting, but manages to do so pretty that I've cleaned out six or seven giant bags for Goodwill.

Good luck--and let us see the results!
P.S. Loved your post on Color.

Hill Top Post said...

You really do have an enviable space here. My biggest concern when deciding where to put my work space was that I should have a view of the driveway so when Hubby or Whoever headed my way I would have at least two or three minutes of advanced warning so I could jump up and pretend that I had been sweating in the kitchen or wherever! LOL!!! Your makeover is one I will be watching with interest. It's really fun...right?

Dixie Redmond said...

Hi, Mary - Yes, I do. But it looks bigger in the pictures than it actually is. Objects are smaller than they appear ;-)

I really like your reasoning for where you place your work area.

Jan - yes, I miss me some color. I have something planned that will be really fun for 31 Days of Art. I'm looking forward to that and cleaning out is making room.


Mary said...

Hi Dixie ! I know how you feel. I would recommend checking out this web site to see (FOR FREE!! without have to buy magazines) what other folks like us are doing in the spaces they create in. It has helped me a lot in trying to reorganize my MASSIVE stash. Takes a little time but I put a folder (I named it WORK SPACES) in my picture files to put pics of ideas that MIGHT WORK for me. Then I have them all together to study. A worthwhile place to spend some time. Do check it out, it will give you some good ideas.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden