Day 14: More Than One Slate to Wipe Clean

Experiences this week have shown me that I have more than one slate to wipe clean.  

It's September here in Maine, and that means that the mud-room is jam-packed with summer jackets, hoodies, sandals AND winter coats and boots for those unexpected 40 degree mornings.   I can barely walk through the mudroom without being attacked by outerwear. 

Life is like that right now, too, in my work area.   Do you retain the supplies of art you made in the past?   Or do you boot it out?   What if you decide to do something similar but in a different way?  Will I need those things then?  Do you stock up supplies for things you want and hope to do?   If you keep all the things from the past and all the things you hope to do it makes for a work area where you are attacked by art supplies when you walk through it. 

Finally, there are similar questions going on in the parenting front.  After reading some things written by adults with autism, and going to a school meeting yesterday, I'm sorting through things.  The ways I've approached thiugs in the past might not be the way to handle things now.   

As usual, I have a lot of questions, and more of them than I do answers.   Like when you do the laundry and you always have one extra sock leftover.  For some reason, those "sets and sub-sets" worksheets from the late 1960's have been going through my brain.  I can envision them now.  ;-)  

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JDConwell said...

I've been trying VERY hard in the last little while to boot the stuff I don't think I'll use anymore. Even put my kiln/equipment/supplies on Craigslist this morning. That hurt.

But there are places in my house still that won't ever be really ready for prime time...our family room is really a storage room. Not sure how big a house it would take for that to no longer be true.

Here's to bigger erasers.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden