Day 16: Thinking About Autism

This is not about art, it's about autism.  But it IS part of my 20 Day Campaign of cleaning out - and this is about cleaning out mentally.   I have a son who is autistic.

This week I have  been reading views written by autistic adults on The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism.   As an aside, some people with autism prefer to be called autistic because "with autism" sounds like autism is something that is separate from them. 

My own son has reached the legal age of adulthood.  I need more information about being autistic and grown up, so I started reading this and other blogs about autism.   And then last Monday I stepped in it big time with a comment I made that adults with autism feel was the equivalent of telling them their views weren't important.    Ouch.

I've snipped out most of the original of this post, as I want more time to think.   But reading this site has given me a lot of food for thought.  It certainly has broadened my thoughts in many ways, although I'm sure they can always be broadened more.  

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden