Don't Be Afraid of a Blank Page

Sometimes finding a blank piece of paper can be a challenge (at least at my house).   You might have to work a bit.  A blank page holds so many possibilities.  But it can also be intimidating.    Starting September 10th (in five days) I will be working to wipe my slate clean.    It's my campaign to either get certain things done or to let them go.   If I'm not going to do them they take up too much room in my brain and crowd out the things I would really like to do.

Would you like a blank page, too?  

The irony is in writing this post
I couldn't resist writing on the blank page.
I couldn't let myself take some time to enjoy it.

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JDConwell said...

Tabla rasa...yep, scary. But I am such need of a clean slate right now, on so many levels.

Good luck with your campaign. I will be cheering you on (and clearing out as well.)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden