Doll Quilt Fascination

This quilt was sold on Ebay a while ago...

Maida Today, a site I write about making antique inspired dolls and accessories,  is having a doll quilt party.   I entered an image of a red and white quilt as a test and thought I would explain I didn't make the quilt, it was an antique one I saw selling on Ebay not long ago.  I loved it so much!  I wish I had saved more information about it. 

If you like red and white quilts you should visit this Flickr photo album which shows Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts", which was an exhibit of the Joanna Rose collection. Talk about having a focus for your collection!   Wow.  Below is a video explaining the exhibit of Joanna Rose's red and white quilt collection.  Joanna was turning 80 and wanted to see all her red and white quilts in one place.   So she decided to show them in NYC and have the exhibit be open to the public at no cost.  Go Joanna!  This exhibit was in partnership with the American Museum of Folk Art - a fabulous museum that you MUST go see if you're in NYC.  The Museum of Folk Art website has a number of other resources about this exhibit and collection which you can view here.  


Below is a video of the installation process

What a way to celebrate turning 80!


Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Thanks, Dixie! What a wonderful video! I wish I could have visited the exhibition in person--it's absolutely stunning.


Dixie Redmond said...

Cheryl - me, too! Wouldn't it have been fun? I would LOVE to meet a bunch of like-minded artists and all drool together over these beauties.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful show of Joanna's exhibit! Your antique quilt is a treasure, thanks Dixie for sharing.

Carolyn :)

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