Artists and Egos

Jan Conwell  wrote an interesting post this morning.   She's writing about really looking at her work sans ego.

Izannah Walker inspired dolls by Jan Conwell
Jan's earlier Izannah dolls are beautiful and have a lot of charm.   But she felt she could go deeper.   If we want to become better artists, we have to look at our work sans ego.  This is hard, but important.  Read Jan's post.   

Here's one of my early attempts at an Izannah doll.   That doll carries part of my journey in learning about Izannah, and I love her for her folkyness and honest searching.  If I were to be making her today I'd be making some different choices.   This is what we do as artists.    Read Jan's post.     You'll enjoy it and it will make you think.

One of Dixie Redmond's early attempts
at making an Izannah inspired doll.

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JDConwell said...

I like this doll a lot. You're right, she is clear evidence of the distance you've traveled since then, but I love the sweet simplicity of her expression and I LOVE her big feet! :~)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden