Love Your Studio or Office

I made a joke in my last post that there ought to be quarterly magazine called Studio Cleanout.  This is my spoof of a magazine.  But Annie's comment gave me an idea that we actually do a link party on our cleaned areas.

Studio Cleanup Link Party 
Sunday, January 15th 

Clean up studios
so you can make more art.

Begin Cleaning Now
for Sunday's Link Party:

Start with the floor
Clear the tables
Wipe tables clean
Purge supplies on shelves you don't use
Purge decor that gets in the way of function
Put seasonal supplies in out of the way storage
Sort unfinished projects into project baskets
Reconsider all those magazines you're saving
Give supplies you won't use to art teachers
Vacuum and wipe tables again.

Take a picture of something you were glad to find!
Then share here and link to your blog for the
Studio Cleanup Link Party 
January 15th.

Ready, set, go!


Jan Conwell said...

I'm in. I'll post this on my FB page and blog. Together we'll make the world a better (or at least a little more productive) place. :~D

Dixie Redmond said...

Well, even if it's just you and I, Jan, we'll have more productive workspaces. :-) Thanks for joining me. I'm going to spend 30 minutes cleaning off my painting table today. Since early December I must have said to my younger son, "Go put this on my painting table" a hundred times. You can imagine what it looks like.

Jan Conwell said...
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Jan Conwell said...

Oh yea. I worked like an insane woman all the first half of December and then quit right before we went to AZ. Since then it's been "toss and run away quickly!"

I WILL learn this year: to put brushes/paint bottles/tools back in their handy little places, instead of working in such a frenzy that it all ends up covering the work area...I don't know how many times Phil has come to laugh at me because I've let my table-work-space get so cluttered I'm forced to resort to a tray in my lap.

McNally School said...

I just worked for an hour on my lovely laundry room/workspace. I randomly filled two large trash bags in order to dig my way through to the good stuff - my fabric. So I found my fabric!

Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, this is very good. Take a picture of your fabric and put it in the link party when you have a chance. I'm still working on my office command center table. But after that in the afternoon it's my painting table!

It is 0 Degrees here today. 0.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden