Nester's Home Goals Party Mean Studio Goals

Nester is hosting a home goals link party today.   I already posted my 3 main goals for my house  on my house blog.  I like the "Who are you trying to please?" angle of this.  Because I firmly believe that houses are for people - the house should serve US and we should not be a slave to the house. I bought a swivel rocker chair recently for the express purpose of giving my husband and kids a chair that can turn to meditate on the aquarium.   I'm not personally in love with the aquarium, but they are and that's what matters.

Yeah, I know I write about cleaning out my work area often.   And that's a good thing to recognize.  Maybe I could start a magazine called Studio Cleanout Quarterly?   I keep thinking I will clean it out and be done with it, but work areas are not static places the way a formal living room might be.  A work space should evolve as your art evolves.    

My first goal is to get rid of everything (everything) I bought for inspiration for projects I've decided I'm not going to do.  This goes along with the idea on Small Notebook's blog about inspiration overload.   I've got some serious Pinspiration going on at Pinterest but you can only do so many actual ideas in real life.  

Work Area Goals - what I want to do informs how the space will function:
  1. I will continue to focus on doll designing and painting.   
  2. I want to learn to make molds and learn to do screenprinting.  
  3. I might do some small quilts.  
What will go:  
  1. I will not be doing encaustic painting and large scale sculpture.   
  2. I will not be doing whimsical things with buttons (by-by jars of vintage buttons).  
  3. Stuff that I bought with the idea of making the space whimsical (a la Where Women Create) must go.  I don't have space for stuff I don't use. 
And you know, I want to revisit the idea that this area is a gift to myself.  It's okay to please myself in this area and no one else needs to be considered.


Jan Conwell said...

I used to think decorating my space would make me more creative. It turns out I just grumble with resentment over the space those decorations take up!

Annie Beez said...

Yes! Yes! Studio clean out quarterly!!! I want to read that blog and join the challenges! hehehehe!

Dixie Redmond said...

Jan....EXACTLY. Studios should function like operating rooms.'ve given me an idea. Not that I have shortage of IDEAS.

McNally School said...

I don't care if my workspace isn't pretty. I work in a cramped laundry room. But I HATE it when it gets so cluttered that I can't see everything that I have. I buy that crap so that I can use it - not hide it! It's time for me to clean up my act too. It's been an entire year since I've done it.

Jo James said...

Good for you!
I'm actually pretty good at this part of art-making. Organizing is sort of a Zen thing for me, and it's also my favorite form of procrastination :)
As for those buttons. . . wanna trade for something I might have that you'd want?

Dixie Redmond said...

Hi, Jo - I would love to trade the buttons with you because I think of you every time I use a button. :-) If you join my studio cleanout link party maybe you can do a link with studio organization tips. :-)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden