Izannah Walker Workshop 3 Starts April 1st

The Izannah Walker Workshop (III) will be offered one last time, beginning April 1, 2012.   The class will run from April 1st through July 1st.   I developed this pattern and class after studying and documenting original antique Izannah Walker dolls personally. The pattern is inspired by Izannah Walker's work, but is not a copy of an Izannah Walker doll.  My own Izannah Walker dolls have been recognized by Early American Life.  Many people have given positive reviews of the workshop.

Admission is now closed for this workshop.  

This work at your own pace class includes:    
  • PDF Ebook/pattern "Making an Izannah Walker Inspired Doll"
  • membership in the online classroom from April 1st through July
  • a class message forum
  • detail  images of Izannah Walker dolls which have not been published
  • other doll making resources
  • Dixie's support through the class message forum

Skills needed:  intermediate sculpting skills, intermediate sewing skills, prior doll making experience.

Note on skills needed:  I have had some people take the class who had never sculpted or sewn before, but it's best if you have some doll making experience.  It is your choice to take the class without these skills, but recognize that it might be harder for you.  

You can join up until April 1st by paying the class admission fee below via Paypal.   After I receive notification of your payment, I will send you an email invitation to the class site (which is hosted on ning.com).  Be sure that you send me the email address you want to use for your class membership if it is different thanyour Paypal email address.  Also, be sure to remember (write it down) your password, because this is not information I am privy to, it's between you and ning.com.

For those who have taken the class before, it is the same pattern.   
Below are dolls made by members of the 2011 class:  

Dolls made with the pattern by class members

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