Video: Applying Stockinette
to an Izannah Walker Inspired Doll

See that above?  That's a giant roll of stockinette.
I think it gets put over casts and bandaged areas to protect them.

See this doll below?
I had covered this Izannah Walker inspired doll 
with a knit that didn't work out very well. 

The kind of knit I was using didn't have a vertical rib, and was hard to apply on the doll head.  Thankfully, I have a large supply of surgical stockinette I purchased.   So I decided to make a video of the process. It gets cut off just before I was supposed to cut where the stockinette joins together.   But I think you'll get an idea of the process from the video.  I'll make another video in shorter clips next time so that doesn't happen.  :-)

Here's a view of the top. I may need to add some paperclay in some spots.  Izannah added "paste" on top of her stockinette covered dolls.  I'll be gessoing and painting over this stockinette layers several times which will change the textures somewhat.

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