Purple Pear Cake

I made this over the weekend.  I love the color of it!  I am revisiting some of my old Weight Watchers recipes from 20 something years ago. This was a favorite easy, colorful dessert I used to make quite a bit. 

It's made with canned pears and frozen raspberries and blueberries, topped with a batter. Trying to figure out how little sugar and butter you need to retain taste is hard.   You might be able to adjust the butter and sugar down a tablespoon.  I tried halving it and you really need the sugar in the fruit part to counteract the tartness of the raspberries. 

You serve the cake upside down so that the fruit is on top.  1/6 of this cake is 306 calories and 1/8 of the cake is 226 calories, not counting topping you add. 

Mix canned pears with frozen raspberries and blueberries, sugar, and melted butter

Fold the dry and wet ingredients for the cake together like you're making muffins.  
Stir just until you can't see anymore dry flour. 

Drop the batter on top of the fruit mixture.  

Then carefully spread the batter over the fruit.  

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. 


Cut the cake and serve with the fruit side UP. 

This is an easy dessert.  

Printable recipe for Purple Pear Cake

Dixie Redmond


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This looks delicious and I love fruity recipes! I guess I can make it and have a piece on one of my splurge days. ;)

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