How To Buy A Dixie Redmond Doll

It's an honor  if someone asks you to make a creation for them.  

But I've decided to reaffirm my no commissions policy. 

My own creative process and the circumstances of my life sometimes get in the way of my work.   It takes me too long. I have a child with special needs, and sometimes the needs of my children push everything else to the backburner. This means that I make what a doll making friend calls "rare Dixie Redmond dolls".

So I've found that for me and the customer's timetable, taking orders doesn't work. My policy from here on out is not to take commissions.

How to Buy My Work   

If you would like to be one of the first to know when one of my works is available please sign up for my email list.  I usually offer new creations for adoption to my email list before I list them online.  My email list also knows about other "firsts" - so sign up below for the inside scoop. Email address is required and is not shared by me in any way.

Join My Newsletter List

I send out very infrequent newsletters where I share what I'm working on. 
I also share with this list what I have available for purchase.  

I am happy for you to email me saying, "When you have a small doll/large doll/painting available, please let me know."  I am not committing to make that, just to let you know when/if I have made it.  

I have some interesting creations that will be offered at my autumn web sale..  There are a few whimsical just for fun things as well.  Stay tuned!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden