Pattern-making: Trial and Error

I used a different body pattern for this little girl, so when it came time to do a body covering I didn't have a pattern for that. So I am making a new one for this little body pattern. It's trial and error time. I'm on variation 3 of the body pattern.  See the spool of thread?  That gives you an idea of scale.

Dixie Redmond


Martha said...

She is really cute. I am making some 8" dolls. I knew I would have to draw up a second skin pattern. I downsized the regular pattern from your workshop. I usually have to make quite a few adjustments, fitting and cutting until I get a pretty good fit. Yours look very good. You probably have an easier way of doing this than me.

Dixie Redmond said...

Martha, this small pattern has the head already attached and has a more fullness through the chest and shoulders. At this scale, any slight variation in sewing shows up a lot! I want to do the arms a bit differently and maybe even the legs. Inlove tweaking and designing.

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden