Day 24: Six Years of Folk Art Making

Antique doll - unknown source
I found a folder of folk art dolls on my external hard drive recently.  They're from 2006 when I first discovered that people could make art dolls.   Some of the images were of others' work who wowed me at the time and  some is of antique dolls that I loved.  It's interesting to look back and see what caught my interest then that is still with me and what I'm no longer interested in.

This portrait doll still wows me.  It is sensitively painted - although the attached ears kind of overwhelm her. Who knows?  Maybe the person had large ears that were prominent?

On another front, yesterday I took my Izannah Walker doll to be x-rayed when I took the dog to get her shots.  The vet's office had a hilarious time doing this.  You can check out the Izannah Walker Chronicles to see the x-ray.  

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