Kind People Brighten the World

Artis Corwin makes beautiful dolls.  She is a longtime painter and folk artist who took my Izannah Walker Workshop in the first session offered.  She sent me the larger doll she made named Permilla on the front right.  Permilla is shown sitting next to Hope, an antique Izannah Walker doll. Artis sent this gift with a lovely card that said, "For my teacher."   What a kindness, because I know how much work goes into these dolls.  But the note was the cherry on top.   To think I had anything to do with Artis making such a beautiful doll is such a blessing and a true gift. Permilla's painting and expression is exquisite.  If you want to see more of Artis's creations (and you do!) you can visit her photos page in the Maida Dolls Group.

Not only does Artis make wonderful Izannah inspired dolls, some of her very unique Primer Dolls were featured in Prims magazine recently. 

~ Dixie Redmond


Martha said...

What a beautiful doll and a sweet gift. Artis is very generous and kind. All of her dolls are treasures.

Susie McMahon said...

Artis is a genuine and kind-heated soul.......I can't help thinking that is there were more like her, this world would be a far less troubled place. I'd love to have afternoon tea with Artis one day! :)

Dixie Redmond said...

Martha, I agree. I love each and every creation I've seen of hers. I especially love this sweetheart and her primer dolls.

Dixie Redmond said...

Tea with you and Artis sounds fun!

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden