Yes, Even More on Making Christmas Ornaments
and How to Make a Feather Tree

Cart Before the Horse Strawberry Ornament

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I really love making Christmas ornaments and I love buying them from artists as well.  Each year I've done a post on making Christmas ornaments

At left is an ornament I bought from Cart Before the HorseIt is so fun to pull out these artist friend's ornaments each year.  

I'd like to make a feather tree of sorts this year to hold some of my artsy ornaments.  

Below is one made by Megan Holloway of the Merry Ghost.  

Ornament made by Megan Holloway of The Merry Ghost

There are some lovely feather trees out there made in a traditional way.  And there are some very interesting modern approaches!  In searching how to make them, I found  Jane Avions's tutorial.  She uses an old technique and updated it a bit using a new material.  You can visit Jane's site for a tutorial.  Original feather trees use goose feathers for the evergreen "needles".  Jane had a cool idea to use "furry" yarn.  

Feather Tree Tutorial by Jane Avion

I saw another idea on Pinterest 
where BoogieBoardCottage
made a feather tree out of paper! 

Do you still want to make a feather tree 
in the traditional manner?  

~ Dixie Redmond

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden