GelliArts Plate: Printing Ghosts

I bought a GelliArts Monotype Plate with money I got for Christmas.  I used to do lots and lots of printmaking long ago....I love it as much as painting (maybe more?).  But without a press, it was hard to do.  Year before last I discovered gelatin printmaking without a press, and it opened up the thought process again.  But it is a several days process.  You have to make the gelatin plate one or two days before you do the actual printmaking.   But the GelliArts plate is ready when YOU are ready to do some printmaking.  

I found this awesome video on doing intaglio-like printmaking using the GelliArts gelatin like plate.  In printmaking, you can ink the plate and print a very clear dark print.  And then sometimes you can print again with the residual ink that is on a plate.  This is called printing the ghost.   The video below shows some different ways to use the GelliArts plate and styrofoam to make an intaglio-like  prints by printing the ghost on the actual Gelli-Arts plate.  I definitely want to try this!  

Doesn't that look like fun?  And also something that would be kid-friendly????

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