Let Go of Something Good
to Make Room for Something Better

This week I cleaned my office and sent a ton of stuff to the recylcing center.  I let go of something good (artsy magazines) to make room for something better (space to work in).   I want to continue to make that a priority in many ways - letting go of good things to make room for something better.   As my family's needs change, I will need to.

In looking for some pictures on my old hard drive to try and meet a deadline, I found all kinds of videos I had made when I was leading the online version of the Izannah Walker Workshop.  I found a video I'd made of my painting area back when it was clean and functional.  That was a good inspiration!   And I decided to let go of the outside deadline which was voluntary to focus on my next big project instead.  

But I also found other videos.  Someone asked if you can make the Izannah Walker Workshop pattern without adding paperclay on top.  YES, you can make it without clay additions, and have a nice cloth doll with an Izannah-like body.   Here's a video which shows a doll made before the paperclay is added.


If you're interested in making a cloth only doll, the pattern link is in the sidebar and is called "Izannah Walker Doll PDF Pattern".


Jan Conwell said...

So much going on for me that doll making is a distant dream...but this was fun. I agree that getting rid of something good CAN make room for something better, something that would not have been able to fit before. Awesome video.

Dixie Redmond said...

Thanks, Jan. :-) I believe you will be able to get back to doll making in a future season. At least I HOPE so.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden