Can and Can't

It's been one of those head-spinning mom seasons. I'm evaluating what I can and can't do. My computer died. So I'm posting this with my iPad, which doesn't give me as full a control as I want, or at least not as I'm used to. Both my kids are in last years at their respective schools and have had the extra activities and emotions that come with a last year. One moves on to high school, and the older graduates. Graduates!!!

My youngest recently competed in the state jazz band competition and their band WON states. I am very proud of him and his school band. You can see their
jazz band performance here.

Yup. I can do lots of things. But I can't do everything, and I surely can't do everything well. Some things will wait. People are the here and now. This is constantly being renegotiated in my life, and is largely dependent on what my family is doing.

This article about special needs parenting has some great reminders about recognizing when you can't or maybe don't need to do some things.

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden