How A House Project Is Born

You know when life is busy and you're coming and going a lot and you ought to be doing other things but you notice there is a piece of wallpaper that has come unglued?   You know you ought to be doing laundry, or making art, planning for graduation, weeding the lawn, or cooking a healthy meal.  But of course, instead you pull on that piece of wallpaper....

Because you have a dream mudroom.  In the dream mudroom people wear only tasteful clothes and they carry straw purses which have great novels in them which they artfully hang on the hooks.  They don't hang crutches and goggles and baseball caps and hoods that kids won't leave on their coats.  

But even so, you think it could be IMPROVED.  
And that friends is how a house project is born.
All of the wood trim will be painted off white.
The interior of the closet will be painted a light blue.
My husband and I are "discussing" the fate of the ceiling. 


Martha said...

I can just see you hesitating, and then gently pulling on that paper, and then pulling in earnest. It doesn't take long to get in deep with a new project, when we see something that needs fixing. you were very brave to take the leap and pull off the paper.

Dixie Redmond said...

Well, we will see, Martha. :-) I think it looks better, but now I have to get the backing and the glue off.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden