Progress? More on Certainteed Barn Red Siding

Last September I contacted the contractor who put the siding on our house a few years ago. He recommended the Certainteed siding we used.  Although it was more expensive than the other products we were looking at, we went with the Certainteed Vinyl Siding because of the warranty.  You can read the other posts about the siding process by clicking here.

So when we noticed issues on the back side of the house, I called the ontractor.  He's a good guy.  The contractor calls Applicator Sales.  Contractor and Applicator Sales come and cut a piece of siding out to send to Certainteed's quality control.  Certainteed sends a field guide out.  Certainteed sends a letter saying the siding is not the issue.  I call field rep.  Then I call field rep's boss.  Field rep's boss talks with me.  Field Rep's boss leaves message and then sends follow-up letter saying they will cover the labor and materials for the affected areas only.  I protest this.  It will look patchworked, because they will pay for replacing only particular pieces of the siding.  So that the new siding would be woven into areas with old siding.  The old siding was installed in 2009.  And it being red siding may have faded some.  So new siding would not match.

It is best if the whole side of the house is replaced so it doesn't look like a patchwork quilt.  When Certainteed presents their promotional materials they do not present images where new siding is woven in with old siding.  They present a side with everything matching. This is exactly why our contractor recommended Certainteed, because in his experience they had been a good company to work with if this issue came up.  So I am hoping that Certainteed lives up to the confidence our contractor put in them.  I am hoping that Certainteed, Applicator Sales and our contractor will be able to come up with a good solution.  We will see what transpires.  I feel kind of bad for our contractor, because he has been working hard to resolve this issue for a product that he recommended.  I hope that Certainteed works as hard as the contractor has.

This is not the biggest issue in my life right now, actually, but it's one that needs attention because we have a short construction season here in Maine.

                                                                           ~ Dixie Redmond

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