Strong Thoughts for the Lynch, Black, and Howell Families

I send heartfelt condolences to the families of Mikaela Lynch, Owen Black and and Drew Howell, three autistic children who drowned.  In this time of grief, one of the families was the focus of a horrible blaming article by an online newpaper.

Raising kids is not easy. As parents, with all our kids, we are always balancing how to keep our kids safe and give them the opportunity to enjoy their world.  Those of us who have raised children on the autism spectrum stand with you in your time of loss. We know what it is like to have turned our heads for a second, attending to something necessary and then turn to find our children have left what was a safe place.  I have two memories of my son disappearing in the blink of an eye, once into woods and another time near a lake.   

It is best to ignore the click-greedy bottom feeders who will use a family's loss to generate ad revenue. Anyone can be a word toting ambulance chaser. These "writers" deserve nothing, not a click, not a comment, not a raised eyebrow. And yet, in a time of loss for this family, we are rallying to say NO to these "journalists".  They ARE asking the wrong questions.

Strong thoughts to all the grieving families are being poured out by people in the online autism community. Read more posts here in an Outpouring of Love.

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