Day 21: Just a Babyland Rag Doll Body Pattern Sewn Up

I first participated in Nesting Place's 31 Days blogging challenge in 2011, when I wrote about 31 Days of Art. Some posts I wrote are relevant today, especially this post on Deciding What to Do. I try to do too many things at once. When I do that, it takes the fun out of creating. And then I start avoiding my workroom.   And then I feel bad about that.  And I get less done.  So I'm trying to remember to Do One Thing.

So during this 31 Days of Doll Making, I'm finishing projects. I finished a pattern that I started years ago naming it "Just a Babyland Rag Doll BODY Pattern".  I've made a little doll from it. It was fun to make a doll that was quick and easy, as opposed to an Izannah Walker inspired doll, which is not quickly made (although still fun)!  I revisited how I first began making doll faces, which was drawing with a combination of markers and colored pencils directly on the fabric.  I like to try and make them look faded and worn (erasers are great for that, as is sandpaper).\

Next time I make this doll I will move the elbow joint down.  I will also not hard stuff the doll so much. I eyeballed it instead of marking it.  :-)  Mine is on the left at 13.5 inches, and the the antique one is on the right, at 30" (and 100 years).  You can buy the pattern here.


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