Day 3: Antique Rag Baby Pattern
Based on a 30" Babyland Rag

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UPDATE:  This pattern is available now HERE

I bought this Babyland Rag doll back in 2008 on Ebay.  Yesterday's post is about finishing things, right?  It's now 2013, right?

When she was on Ebay, I saw that she was a Babyland Rag who had lost her face.  Some ingenious mama or grandmama turned the body around, reattaching the limbs and giving her a button eyes. The doll has since moved on, but when I had her I drafted a pattern based on her.  She is a BIG doll at 30".

I will be releasing a PDF pattern for the body ONLY for this original Babyland Rag 30" doll shape.  There will be no patterns for clothing and no instructions for doing the face.  Just a Simple Doll Pattern.  I am going to call my pattern an Antique Rag Baby (based on a 30" Babyland Rag) and will offer a 30" size and a roughly 14" size as well in the pattern.   The beauty of the large size is it can wear children's clothing.  

This pattern will be ready within a week.  Because I just wrote a post about the Art of Finishing yesterday. So stay tuned.  I am doing a 3rd test of the pattern right now. 

Judi Ward has a 14" Babyland Rag pattern which shows the technique of applying the 2nd face to the basic rag doll pattern, I would look into her pattern. You can buy Judi's pattern here

There is also a post on Maida Today showcasing how the original Babyland Rags were constructed. You can view the post showing Babyland Rag face construction here. 

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