Not IF, but HOW

A while ago, I was talking with the director of a day program.  She said that in helping individuals set goals, the word HOW comes up a lot. Not whether something could be done, but HOW.  That stuck with me. Sometimes I get caught on whether something can and should be done and not HOW something might be accomplished.  Not IF, but HOW.

Later, I mentioned to a friend a goal of mine, and she said, "Not If, but WHEN."

We have to be honest with ourselves.  There are some things we will never do because we don't have the interest or the ability to really invest ourselves in the HOW to get there.  I will never be a nuclear   physicist.  I don't have the ability OR the interest. And some goals are better at certain seasons of life than others.  Not impossible, but better.

There are things that hang out on the edges of my wishes and dreams that are entirely doable. They require asking the question "How will I do this?"  Not IF, but how and when. 

Our own flesh and bone 
make dreams a reality.

Sometimes it means redirecting our energies. This past month I deleted two blogs from my lineup. One was parenting related and one was home diy related.   I will be scaling back in other areas so that I can focus on HOW I will do other things that I really want to do. It's that choices thing again.  If everything is important, then nothing is important.

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden