Time with Friends and Their John Osgood Clock

Last week, I went to have coffee at a friend's house.  We have known each other for many years, since days when I brought my youngest as a toddler to her house on Bible study days.  So many times I have gone to her house and have been watching the clock, to be sure to get to school to pick up my oldest on time!

This clock is a special clock, having been handed down to the oldest male in their family for generations. It is made by John Osgood of Haverhill, Massachusetts.  John Osgood lived from 1770 - 1840. My friends live in an old cape cod house which was saved from demolition and moved to its present location. They both have an appreciation of antiques.  

In my own life in visiting my friend, this clock has been the reliable nudge to get out the door and pick up my children on time!  I am wondering how many times this clock has sent people on through their days?   I am thankful for the time with friends and their clock.  ~ Dixie Redmond

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