The Surprising Art I Didn't Know I Was Making

Sometimes we make art without knowing it.  Back when I did more traditional painting with acrylics, I used a glass palette.  It was 9 X 12 piece of glass that was stacked on top of a piece of white foam core and taped around the edges.  It fit perfectly inside a Masterson Sta-wet pallete box.    I never liked the sta-wet thingies...they moved when I mixed paint and reminded me of diapers.  I found if I spritzed water on the acrylic paint on the glass palette, it would sometimes stay workable until the next painting session.  The advantages of this glass palette is I could scrape it down with a straight edge razor and start fresh. Sometimes in the cleaning of the palette I would see beautiful artworks.  

This morning, in a discussion in the Marketing group in the MAIDA Dolls Group, I realized that the sites that I write and organize ARE part of the art I make.  I have spent a lot of time feeling frustrated that I am not making "real art" in the form of actual objects.  And all the while I have been nurturing these other artworks - an informational site on Izannah Walker Dolls, a more general site on Making Antique Inspired Dolls & Accessories, and a place where doll artists can connect and encourage one another. 

I want to take the time to acknowledge the art I didn't know I was making. I would like to be able to make big gestural works like this.  

But for now, I'll enjoy the surprising art I didn't know I was making. 

I may get some of these printed up in poster form.


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Hill Top Post said...

Yes, art indeed!! And darn good you are at it!! Thanks!!!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden