Where and When Does the Art Begin?

I saw this silhouette last night when the band director was setting up for R & B Project to play at the All That Jazz Concert. The image resonated with me. I liked how the form of the band director was one with the music stands.  He was setting out music.  So I used my iPhone to take a picture. I wish it had been sharper, but you catch the moment. 

Where and when does art begin?  Not when you start playing the song on the stage at the concert.  Not when you unveil the painting. The potential for art begins when you learn where the key note is on your instrument.  The potential for art begins when we set out to learn.  The final product begins with humble beginnings - learning to put your instrument together, learning to prepare a canvas.  The art begins taking shape when you slog through the beginner's blues.

These young people becoming musicians - are part of the art of the band directors.  It's a powerful thing to help launch and shape an artist.

Here is one song that the R & B Project did last night:

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden