I was in a discussion recently where someone said it is hard to understand the "unthinkable".  And yet, the the unimaginable begins with a thought.  Irony there.  

Who would think to kidnap 230 girls from a school?   It began somewhere, with a thought in a person's head.  For most of us it IS unimaginable.  The movement Bring Back Our Girls says NO to that thought.  

On the flip side - and a wonderful one - it was unimaginable to a previous generation that diseases such as polio or smallpox could be eradicated.  And yet they were, because someone thought it was possible. 

Oh, those thoughts.  They go through our brains - good ones and bad ones.  It's our job to sort them out. While I've been finishing up a project in my workroom I've been thinking about all of this.  We can't control the thoughts that flit across the screen of our brains.  But we must choose what we allow to take root and grow. 

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden