Finding Family on the Internet

A kind person named Pamela has left lovely comments on my blog as Civil Folks for many years.  

Imagine how fun it was to discover through my mama that Shadetree Primitives from Georgia is her FIRST COUSIN.  

My Granny Ethel was her dad Martin's older sister. So that makes Pamela my second cousin.  :-)  What a nice discovery!  We would have been together at "The Birthday Dinner" for my great-grandmother back in the day in Hazlehurst, Georgia.  I moved back to Maine to go to college, and haven't had a chance to see these cousins for many years.  But I have fond memories of those gatherings. 

Pamela and her husband Frank have been involved with historical re-enactments and sell lovely primitive items on their Shadetree Primitives Facebook Page

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Civil Folks said...

Dear Dixie, thanks for your kinds words. I was so thrilled to find that we had a connection. As Living Historians of the 1820-1865 period, your creations fit my interests. It truly is wonderful to reconnect! Let me know if you will attend one of Granny's Birthday Dinners. They are the Family Reunion now. With cousin love, Pamela.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden