Shortcut: Do Not DIY

If you want to get something done fast, do not DIY. Hire someone to do it. Sometimes if you want anything done at ALL, you have to hire someone to do it.  We recently got a generator for our house. After losing power during an icestorm last year over Christmas we decided a generator would ease stress for our family. It required people with special certified skills to put it in. 

Here is another example: I can paint trim.  But the sheer layers of paint that need to be put over the dark knotty pine in my house - 5 coats - is beyond my available time.  I can do THAT and nothing else. I have a son who needs 1:1 support most of the time.   can't dedicate my life to painting walls and trim and get anything else done like laundry and cooking and making art.  (Picture is of my house before I painted the trim in our mudroom.  I want to paint the cabinets white at some point.)

In the online world, and even my world, there is a lot of weight given to saving money over time. Sometimes this is out of necessity and sometimes out of pride.  I get sucked into wanting to TRANSFORM things such as the $25 yard sale chair.  That's part of what being an artist is - turning the mundane into something beyond the sum of its parts.  
But sometimes you just want to get something DONE.  And it doesn't matter who does it.  And if you are able to afford it, it's all good. 

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden