Eavesdropping at the Art Show

While I was in Florida, I went to an art show in Stuart. It was fun looking at the artists' work. I bought some earrings from an artisan.  But a conversation in one of the artist spaces captured my attention.  The artist was talking to potential clients.  While she was doing talking she flipped through some matted works on a table, pulled something out and said emphatically, 

"THIS is my REAL art."

The comment stuck with me. I thought about it a lot. Artists often have streams of work. Some streams are for making money, and others are dear to their heart.

Do you have streams of art?  Which do you consider to be your real art?  Can your money making art be your real art?

Lots to think about.


Jan Conwell said...

It's taken me several years for this to develop for me, since I had a great big learning curve to get past regarding the creation of dolls. Making the Izannah dolls was the best exercise in "seeing" I could have ever done, and it felt like art because I had to work so hard at it, but it was completely and endlessly absorbing. But once I got to a certain level of satisfaction with them (they are not "there" yet, but I'm okay with that), I began to see that now my Izannah dolls no longer fulfill the creative needs they once did. So I'd have to say that now my "real art" is the work I pull out of my head, rather than the ones I try to recreate.

Jan Conwell said...

Didn't proof that, sorry. (Now, where'd I put that red pen?)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden