Big Changes

Many of the things which I could be writing about are shared histories with my two sons. I try to let their stories be theirs, but I will share this:  these are interesting times. My youngest is headed off to college shortly and I am trying to process that.  My oldest son continues living at home with us. We are trying to help him process his younger brother going away.  The program my oldest has been at home most of the summer while my youngest is getting ready to fly. We are trying to figure out the next right thing on a number of fronts. For one child, we are sending him out to participate in an already established path of learning. For another, we are trying to find a good support path for future growth. 

Izannah Walker's 200th birthday is coming up in September. I'm hoping to make something to honor that and also make it a visual prayer for our country. After that I will let myself do anything creatively that brings me joy. I'm scheduled to take another printmaking class in the fall. That's the next right thing for me. 

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Jan Conwell said...

I'm glad you have some creative endeavors planned for yourself. Creativity is good medicine for the spirit.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden