Autumn Care Package Party

This fall feels really different after my youngest son has flown the coop. I miss him so much!  I miss going to soccer games, and band events and seeing people on the sidelines. So I decided to host a "Care Package Party" for other moms who have sent their kids off into the world.  I read about another mom when did this on Grown and Flown. Each mom will bring 10-12 inexpensive items to put into the boxes.  Then we will sort them all out, add some cards.  I haven't had a non family party at my house in a loooong time. 

We will have fun packing packages, but it's also an excuse to socialize.  :-). I was searching the web for sangria ideas and came across an Apple Cider sangria recipe to try.  It seems fun. the recipe can be found at Sally's Baking Addiction.  

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