Speak Truth, Not Hopelessness

These are extremely hard times for many American people. There are some hard circumstances and hard truths which must be faced, but I think as Americans we can and must face these truths with hope. Today I saw on Twitter that someone had posted a tombstone of the United States of America. And it got my dander up, y'all. Imagine if at any pivotal point in our history Americans had given in and said our noble governmental experiment was "done". Nope. I will not be the person to say that.  And I will snap back at you if you say that.

The scarcity of opportunities for my grown son who is autistic challenges him (and me) on a daily basis. I also see things happening in my country which make me seriously worried. But I am not going to curl up in a ball and say it's "done" - not for my country, not for my son, and not for myself.  This doesn't mean that things are not extremely challenging for our country, or for my son or for myself. But we will get through it and we will create solutions, because that is what Americans do.

So. Acknowledge the challenges. Be truthful about them. Don't sweep things under the rug. And then work like your life depends on it, and speak hope.

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden