Day 28: An Invitation to Create

Back in 2010, I spent some time and money reorganizing my creativity zones.  Eight years later, I had to take everything off my sewing table to replace a basement cellar window in the sewing area. I am very grateful for this space, but have gotten out of the habit of starting and ending my day there as I used to. I blame too much time on social media. I want to change that.

So I'm collecting ideas for improving my sewing room and making it more invitational to ME.  I started a board on sewing rooms over on Pinterest. So far I am obsessed with making an ironing station out of a bookshelf or a dresser. I've saved other ideas in a dream studio board.  I need to get rid of stuff collected but not used, and then focus on how to store things in user friendly ways. My work may be going into a different direction, so that will affect my choices.  Maybe I will paint the door to the sewing room a luscious pink and put a "Girls Only" sign on it. 

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden