Day 31: Starting Over

I'm rethinking everything. I've been selling paintings and folk art for twelve years now. When I dusted off this blog, I read some of my early blog posts. They had a sense of excitement to them. What's different between then and now?
  1. I had more time. I was working a night job, and making art during the day while my kids were in school. All that has changed. My kids are graduated. My oldest still needs support 24-7. We've finally been able to get into a kind of rhythm with some wonderful caregivers for him for a few hours a week.
  2. I had more energy 12 years ago! 
  3. Twelve years ago, I didn't box myself in. I was working on different types of things each week.
  4. My oldest son had people working with him who knew him very well and were experienced and capable.
  5. I was part of a creative group. 
  6. I had one creative blog, not three.
  7. I had no interest in politics other than voting for a decent candidate. 
  8. There was no Facebook or Twitter!
  9. I didn't have so much stuff in my workroom. 
  10. I was more hopeful.
  11. I made more assemblages.
  12. I made more paintings.
  13. I sketched more. 
  14. I journaled more.
  15. I sold a lot of dolls for $14.99 on EBay in my learning curve. ;-)
  16. I wasn't creating TO sell as a starting point. I was selling what I enjoyed creating
I'm not sure what all that means but some of these hold the secret to restarting. 

The window has been replaced in my basement sewing room. Next week I can start loading things back in. I'm only bringing back in what brings joy. Or I can use. Instead of my wobbly ironing board, I'm going to set up an ironing station like one of these I saw on Pinterest.  

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Daisy Debs said...

I'd love to have an "ironing station" ..but I know that I couldn't keep it problem is ..if there's a space ...I have to fill it ! lol !

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden