Classic Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Usually we make cinnamon dough ornaments, but this year I decided to make salt dough ornaments for something different.  I had read on a blog that if you mix white paint in with the dough they come out whiter.  But I forgot them in the oven so they got a little brown, defeating the purpose. 


For my first ever Christmas Tree in my own apartment in 1986 I decorated it with cornstarch ornaments cut into stars and reindeer and hearts and cinnamon ornaments and bows. The memories of that tree!  I loved it so much.  It was so simple.  Now my tree is decorated with a mixture of ornaments - many are handmade by my kids and me through the years.  Every year we break a couple of the old ones, so we make new ones. 

Next up, cinnamon ornaments!

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