People Are More Important Than Coffee

Once someone who came to work with my son arrived late wearing a "meh" shirt. Urban Dictionary says "Meh" is to be used when one simply does not care. It was an irony played out in real life, in belated motion. That person isn't a bad person. The agency isn't a bad agency. I know that Mainers care. Many don't know that this is how things are.

The people who hand you *coffee* through the drive-through window are paid MORE than those who work with *people* with autism and developmental disabilities here in the state of Maine (or the elderly who need care). I'm the FIRST to say coffee IS very, very, very important, but even in a caffeine-starved state I know PEOPLE are more important than coffee. 

IMPORTANT: Wages for these direct care personnel are set by the Maine legislature, not by the market. People who work with people who need skilled help can't be paid a sub minimum wage. In order to have adequate programming, staff needs to know about autism and other developmental disabilities. Staff needs to understand how people with learning disabilities learn best. 

Also IMPORTANT:  Access to programs that work with those with developmental disabilities is also set by the legislature when they choose to fund openings to Section 29 and 21, the pathway to programming. There are waiting lists that the legislature could choose to fund. This waitlist for Section 21 includes many people who need 24-7 support. 

Please call your representatives and senators and ask them to support a better rate of pay for people who work with autism or developmental disabilities. 

Find your State of Maine Senator to Augusta:

Find your State of Maine legislator to Augusta: 


Dee said...

Well said, my friend. I had lost your website
and am so glad to have found it again. Now to bookmark it!

Dee said...

Thanks so much for sharing this important message. And now I've found your blog site again, so am going to bookmark.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden