Hope Revealed: An Izannah Walker Homage Doll

For some time I’ve been working on making an homage reproduction doll based on my Izannah Walker doll Hope. I had imagined that I would do the project quietly behind the scenes and have a big reveal. But that’s not how I work! I’m a sharer!

In 2019, I brought my doll Hope to an artist who does 3-D scans and printing. I will be doing an entire post about that in the future. All the while that I have owned my Izannah Walker doll Hope, I've wondered what she might look like when she was a new doll. I also wondered what she might look like with a different hairstyle. So I decided to make an homage doll based on Hope. In the process, I've been drafting pattern pieces that are specific to Hope's shapes and an exact representation of her body size. So this is an all new pattern in the works based specifically on Hope. 

If you’re interested in the journey, you can follow along on my Facebook business page And Instagram where I will be posting videos. Here’s the link to my Facebook business page.


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