Small Changes Can Encourage and Inspire

Last week we rented dumpster to get rid of all of the broken and worn out stuff in our house. We hadn't done a full scale clean out in the fifteen years we have lived here. As is often the case, we still had boxes unopened from when we moved. Those were interesting little time capsules. We emptied the storage shelving in the basement laundry room. We emptied the garage. And now I am looking to smaller spaces. Like my sewing room. 

Thirty years ago my husband and I banged together these particle board shelving units for necessary storage. We were poor and they were cheap. They were a kit you could get from JC Penney. Long before IKEA, long before the internet, there was the Sears catalog and the JC Penney catalog. Oh the books and the projects they have held in those thirty years. 

As I am trying to reduce all my possessions by 50%, I am also looking at how can I make this space work better for me. Before, the space where the dolls are in the middle unit, second shelf was a basket of patterns I had purchased over the years. I decided to move patterns to the bottom and make that 2nd shelf a showcase and reminder of my present project, which is making Izannah Walker inspired dolls from a mold taken of my antique Izannah Walker doll Hope. Now when I walk in that is what I see, front and center. Small changes can encourage and inspire. 

P. S. Keep an eye on my FB Business page as I will be offering for sale some good and interesting craft supplies. Because I am going to reduce all the books by 50% and all the supplies. I sent all the wood carving tools to a friend  who may actually use them. I am going to stick to making cloth and paperclay dolls, and 2D paintings. Maybe I will do some miniature quilts to go along with the dolls. 

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden