Designing a Match for my Izannah Walker Doll

For a while now I have been pecking away at making a matching arm and foot for my antique Izannah Walker doll. For the arm, I made a strap that goes across the shoulders, and the new arm is attached to that. My plan for the foot is to make a foot but have a stocking hold it on. We'll see. Anyway, in order for it to feel right, I've been tweaking the pattern. The tenth version got pretty close. I still see some things which could be tweaked, but I think I'm at the point of diminishing returns on this. I find when I keep needing to revert to an earlier numbered pattern piece that I've hit my mark in terms of design. 

The good thing about this process is when I am done I have a good pattern piece to use when making dolls inspired by my antique doll Hope. 

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