The Quirky Story Teller


The little wooden guy was found in a local antique store with the note, "from an attic in Searsport"...which tells you absolutely nothing about its age. He's very primitive, but he has a quirky little spirit. I asked for him for my birthday years ago. 

Who knows what his story is?  Maybe he was the first carving of a kid, or maybe he was created from an old float by an old-timer watching the shore. Or maybe he was created by an artisan inspired by old things. He's cracked and his arms don't go down anymore, so he always looks like he's telling a story. And maybe he is. This past year would include some doozies! 

For some reason, he always comes out on display in spring. 

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coyo said...

I love this little guy! What an amazing antique store find!

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