Fifteen Years to Now

Fifteen years ago, I started this blog. Sometimes I read things on it from the past that I've forgotten, and that is a gift for today. I've grown and changed as an artist. Life has brought me to paths I didn't imagine I would walk, as it does for us all. 

Fifteen years ago my kids were little, and I was interacting with life and school through that mom-of-little-kids lens. Like this mom I saw diligently working her way through a rainy parking lot at the grocery, followed by a little girl carrying a pink umbrella. The years pass so quickly. 

Now, one child will be charting his course on his own after college, and we will search for and build a good future with our other son for his future. Choices are available to one, while another waits for options needed to move forward. 

But some things have not changed, and in the best way. Fifteen years ago I was experimenting with sculpting with Creative Paperclay, and today I have a paperclay creation drying in the oven. There is something encouraging, and I hope symbolic, about shaping that clay and see it become something. It's a metaphor of sorts. 


Judi Hunziker said...

We can all appreciate the changes that 15 years can bring to our lives. I am glad I was a part of yours for a brief time with the Maida group. Blessings to you Dixie in the next 15 years,♥

Daisy Debs said...,ve been a great mom ! :)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden